Gesture drawings Day 11

Daily Art 10-12-17 gesture studies of animals

This was the first domestic cat that came up for me in the line-of-action random slideshow! I liked sketching this pair. And of course, I got another horse lol. When that otter image appeared it cracked me up because his expression reminded me of the 30 Rock episode where Tracy is compared to an otter.

Drawing the axis line down the center of the face to show direction and orientation has been a big improvement for me. Next I want to improve the placement of the eyes, nose, and mouth perpendicular to that line.

And yesterday, after noticing that I’m having a hard time choosing what kind of shape to use for sections of the torso, I watched the Proko video Structure Basics—Making Things Look 3D. It was really helpful because he explains that there are three basic ways to draw those body shapes and you can pick based on what makes the most sense for that particular pose. That made a lot of sense so today I just went with whichever shape (basic oval, 3D cylinder, or 3D box) that allowed me to capture the gesture.

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