Gesture drawings Day 10

Daily Art 10-11-17 gesture studies of animals

Gah, more horses! The second sketch was a big improvement over previous days — it was simpler to sketch because there wasn’t foreshortening.

Today I tried focusing on making the limbs more cylindrical than fully-contoured lines with the hopes that I’d get the placement more accurate and be less concerned with the details of the shapes. I also added some guide lines to understand the direction the head was facing, so that the eyes and nose were positioned in the correct places on the head. This is inspired by what I’m reading and watching to improve my observational drawing skills:

One area that I need to do some specific training on is the step where I draw in the ribs and pelvis. I think I’m mashing together two different approaches to this and it’s tripping me up a little. One way is to think of these structures as a 3D cylinder and the other way is to simply draw an oval to mark the basic location of the structures. I’m sure both methods are useful, but the fact that I’m not choosing one is causing some challenges with getting marks laid down.

I like the cocked head of the parrot! I was happy to see that gesture captured in a way that really shows the posture.

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