Gouache mug study in complementary color scheme

I’m loving the complementary color combination of an earthy red-orange paired with teal. I think the red-orange does a good job of bringing down the exuberance of the teal while allowing it to be a focal point. I’ve noticed it showing up in my intuitive paintings as well.

This week for my daily art I’m focusing on using gouache. Partly because I missed painting with it after using colored pencil last week, and partly because I put a bunch of it on my ceramic palette and would like to use it up.

Daily Art 09-25-17 complementary color scheme gouache mug painting in Canson XL Mix Media sketchbook

I felt a little rusty with the gouache, and overworked the mug. Plus I was using a brush that was too stiff for how much water I was using (Escoda Versatil size 8), and didn’t like how the brush strokes were going down on the mug. For the background, I switched to my new Princeton Neptune 16 Round. I’ve been watching a bunch of videos by Hazel Soan and want to do more practice with making fewer, more intentional brush strokes. For this painting I was all over the place with brush strokes. I also have a sumi-e book that would help with that, although not sure if gouache is a medium that works well with that approach.

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