Mug study in green Polychromos colored pencils

I’m having that feeling like I’m running out of ways to use the colored pencils for these mug studies. I think that means I need to play more and allow myself to explore or warm up before starting the timer.

Or maybe I play and explore while the timer is running! I guess these don’t have to be entirely accurate, carefully rendered drawings. My mode right now is to sharpen my drawing skills so my mind got a little one-track about that.

Daily Art 09-22-17 mug study in green Polychromos colored pencils in Canson XL Mix Media sketchbook

For today’s sketch, I could feel myself getting quicker at drawing and shading which is a cool thing. One thing I’d improve about this one is to angle the sides of the mug more so the rim flares open a tad bit. I drew it too vertically. When I compare it to the last sketch of this view, the other one has a more lively and energetic shape. This one is more droopy and heavy, despite being a brighter set of colors.

I also realized after I started coloring it in that the contour lines I had drawn in with pencil were too dark.

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