Colored pencil mug in browns and greens

For today’s 30-minute sketchbook project I used a bird’s eye view of my simple white mug and used colored pencils (in color this time, not just black). I went a little crazy buying earth tone Polychromos pencils, so used browns for the shading on the mug. For the background, to help it recede from the warm tones of the mug, I used green, grey, and indigo. Plus a little yellow on the left side to suggest light coming from that direction.

Daily Art 09-19-17 colored pencil study of coffee cup in Canson XL Mix Media sketchbook

Colored pencils are taking me too long for my 30-minute time limit. I either need to figure out a way to use them faster or switch to a different medium.

I’m also considering participating in Inktober! I haven’t done that challenge before. And I was interested in what the creator Jake Parker says about creativity coming out of two things: constraints and accountability. His goal was to get better at using a brush pen for inking by using it every day for a month and sharing what he made online. You can hear his thoughts on this and the origins of the project in this video:

It was a coincidence to hear him say that because just last weekend I had decided to put some constraints on my daily painting habit so that I could focus my energy on improving different skills. And of course to help keep myself accountable I started this new blog specifically for my art journey.

Now I just have to force myself not to buy a new brush! Jake makes the Winsor & Newton Series 7 Kolinsky Sable Watercolor Brush sound pretty amazing. But at this point I’m dedicated to using synthetic hairs instead of animal hairs. I definitely don’t need any inks for the project — I already have so many options in my supplies:

  • fountain pen with blue-black non-waterproof ink
  • fountain pen with waterproof black ink
  • dip pen
  • india ink
  • white ink
  • brown fountain pen ink
  • Gelly Rolls in white and gold
  • a bottle of black non-waterproof ink
  • Micron and PITT artist pens
  • brush pens
  • plus watercolor brushes in lots of sizes including small 00, 0, and 2 rounds, scripts, and a liner
OK yes, I think I’m set on supplies ;)

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