Monochromatic colored pencil mug

I have so many art supplies now. I can’t stop buying them! But there are worse things I could be spending money on. So why is this mug study in plain black colored pencil?

daily art - monochromatic colored pencil mug study in Canson XL Mix Media sketchbook

I’m trying out something new: since I have all of these different media to choose from, I have a lot of trouble picking what I want to use each day for my daily art habit. It’s a crazy roadblock to have but there have been studies done where people who have too many options to choose from sometimes choose none of them at all. I definitely don’t want to sabotage my daily art goals by creating that kind of obstacle for myself.

To help with this dilemma I’m assigning myself a few parameters:

  • use a simple white mug as the subject
  • choose one primary medium each week
  • the style and approach can be whatever I feel like working on that day

My desire to either play and be free or to improve skills and techniques is variable. Some days one feels more important than the other. Right now, my priority is skill development, and imagine that when I feel solid there I’ll move more toward play so that my style develops.

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