My new mug for studies

I was at a restaurant supply store yesterday getting a ceramic dish for mixing watercolors and picked up a simple little white mug as well. My intention is to do a bunch of studies with it, practicing different techniques and media. I’d like to get really familiar with painting this one thing, with the hope that by sticking with one subject instead of jumping all around I’ll get better at really seeing it and representing it the way I want.

I chose my materials for today’s sketch based on my enthusiasm for my new Caran d’Ache Neocolor II crayons. When I chose my colors at the art store, I went with my gut, but they sort of end up being a split complementary color scheme. I managed to keep it to just four colors, but I wanted so many more!

  • Olive Brown
  • Turquoise Green
  • Salmon
  • Dark Grey
daily art - mixed media mug study
I’m having fun layering and layering colors and different media in a way that doesn’t work out so well in watercolors. Drawing with crayons and pencils, smudging the lines with a wet brush, and dabbing some of it off with a paper towel is such a tactile way to work. I’m finding that I don’t expect such exact results like I tend to want with watercolor. Once I’m done with the exercises in Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, I’ll dig into one of my latest library books, The Watercolor Course You’ve Always Wanted.

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