Hand painted greeting cards

When two friends announced that they were each pregnant I wanted to send them cards to congratulate them on the good news. I used the opportunity to make them something personal while also working on my illustration skills.

A trio of potted succulents: mom, dad, and baby

I love the fresh and casual look of a simple graphite pencil with washes of watercolor. When the watercolor covers the pencil lines, it makes them stable so they don’t rub off, and I like the sketchy quality. Keeps it from looking too serious and measured.

baby card with illustration of potted succulents done in pencil and watercolor
Graphite pencil and watercolor on Fabriano Artistico cold press watercolor paper

Woodland flora and fauna

My concept with this illustration revolves around a strong pine tree with a little baby pine tree next to it. Allover patterns were on my mind, so I filled the card with a variety of plants and critters from the forest. I kept the color scheme muted, and a slight alternative to the typical blue, pink, and yellow color palette for babies. 
baby card with illustration of woodland flora and fauna in gouache and pen
Gouache lines painted on with a fine brush and a dip pen, along with black pigment fineliner marker, over a solid gouache background on Arches hot press paper

Both cards were rewarding projects to work on. I feel like the style of the succulent trio was more of a natural stylistic fit for me because as I worked in it I felt more flow and less stumped by what to do next.

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