Zip front jacket designed with Sure-Fit Designs Shirt Kit

When I cleaned out my closet and dresser a few months ago I discovered an old zip up jacket that had a broken zipper, frayed edges, and many stains. But I couldn’t part with it — when I found it, it quickly became a staple again because it’s so easy and comfortable.

After completing the exercises in The Curated Closet, a replacement for this tattered old standby was high on my list of things to make. Using the Sure-Fit Designs Shirt Kit and my personal blueprint, I drew up a pattern based on my ready-to-wear version.

It came together really well, except for when I topstitched the hem band seam allowance down with the triple stretch stitch. I haven’t had much luck with that stitch on knit fabrics because it tends to ruffle the fabric.

wearing my handmade zip up jacket on our Grand Tetons-Yellowstone 2017 trip
Wearing my jacket at Schwabacher’s Landing at Grand Teton National Park

I finished it just in time to wear on our trip to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. It was perfect for the temperatures up there and I wore it almost every day! It’s super comfortable and I love the fabric.

Adjustments for next time

  • Reduce the size of the pattern so it’s not quite so loose
  • Skip the topstitching around the hem band
  • Make the hem band smaller so it cinches closer to my body