Gingerbread cookies with updated process

My Christmas baking this year has been more restrained than previous years, but I did manage to get a batch of gingerbread cookies baked for some family gifts. I used the same recipe as last time, with a few process adjustments.


whole grain Gingerbread Cookies

Process notes

  • after combining ingredients, mixed in stand mixer on medium low speed until it came together off the sides of the bowl
  • scooped after mixing into 28 balls using medium cookie scoop
  • froze on a small baking sheet lined with waxed paper (uncovered) until ready to bake the next day
  • preheated oven to 350° with an additional 15 min. of preheat after the initial “ready” beep
  • baked the first batch for 8 min., then smooshed down gently with a glass and baked an additional 2 min.
  • baked second batch for 8 min., smooshed flat (about 1/2-inch tall), then baked an additional 4 min.


I froze the dough balls instead of doing the whole roll-and-chill method. It was simpler to just portion out the cookies from the get-go rather than the extra step of wrapping in paper and chilling in log form. What I wasn’t expecting, though, was for the frozen scoops to stay round like a ball in the oven! I figured they’d flatten out like a typical chocolate chip cookie I prep this way. So I added the step of flattening each cookie with the bottom of a glass and continuing to bake for a few minutes.

The first batch was rather underdone. Which is a texture and flavor concern only since there’s no egg in this cookie. The second batch stayed in the oven a little longer and that made the texture a lot better. I sadly didn’t taste one of the better batch though because I wanted to be able to give them all way! I’ll have to ask my family if they noticed a difference at all.

The one I did try (the more under-done kind) had a strong ginger and molasses flavor that I didn’t love at first, but after a few bites it really grew on me.