Modern Watercolor Techniques - underwater scene

Modern Watercolor Techniques class

When I signed up for Ana Victoria Calderón’s Skillshare class Modern Watercolor Techniques: Beginner’s Level, I honestly didn’t expect it to be so much fun! I figured I’d be getting some intro to watercolor techniques, but she took it way beyond those basics.

The class starts with good watercolor fundamentals, like how to become familiar with your paints and brushes, and how to gain control over your brush strokes. After a basic project is complete, it moves onto super fun “experimental planets” where we used a variety of materials to make little circles with varying effects. (This was my favorite part of the class).

There are a couple more activities she teaches as well that build in complexity, all with an element of play and experimentation. So much great stuff!

Modern Watercolor Techniques - monochrome activity
For for monochrome activity project, I painted a slice of lime complete with little shiny highlights
Modern Watercolor Techniques - experimental planets
My favorite part of the class was making these little experimental circles with salt, rubbing alcohol, ink, and watercolor
Modern Watercolor Techniques - jellyfish activity
The experimental planets helped prepare us for painting jellyfish, complete with white ink for highlights
Modern Watercolor Techniques - underwater scene
The final project of the class was a galaxy or underwater scene (I chose underwater)


Tools & supplies

  • watercolor
  • fine sea salt
  • rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs
  • india ink
  • Copic opaque white pigment
  • paper towel for lifting pigment