using the Oxford Dogma poop bag dispenser

Indispensable Bag Dispenser makes walk time with your dog easier

using the Oxford Dogma poop bag dispenser

Always be prepared with this refined and stylish clip-on poop bag holder

Have you ever been out with your dog and…surprise! You need a poop bag. But you forgot to grab them on the way out the door, or the dispenser at the park ran out of bags. It’s happened to me and made me feel so guilty! Plus, in my city it’s against the law not to pick up after your dog.

That’s why I love this bag dispenser. It clips onto my leash so if I forget everything else on the way out the door with my pups, at least I can be a good neighbor.

Having it helps me feel more relaxed at walk time — that is until Pipsqueak loses her mind barking at other dogs we meet along the way.

Upgrade your standard poop bag experience

For selective dog parents who have a keen eye for design and prefer a more pleasant, refined experience (even if it involves cleaning up after your dog — or maybe especially then!), this poop bag holder is a great fit. It’s handcrafted in small batches from natural, reclaimed materials like cotton and wool.

The classic, timeless design is inspired by Dopp kits (also known as travel kits) that have been a staple since the early 1900s. I admire the practical utility — it has a bit of a rugged feel — combined with the structured shape and details. The Oxford Dogma Bag Dispenser design is basically this kit shrunk down to a compact size.

When you head out the door with your dog, it’s not always easy to remember the poop bags. Sometimes it’s enough just to get your keys, phone, and bag all gathered up! The Bag Dispenser is great because it’s always clipped to your leash so you don’t have to remember. And you won’t feel guilty if your dog leaves a surprise near the bushes.

bag dispenser roundup

Pick up after your dog with ease and style

After we adopted our first dog, Pipsqueak, we bought a poop bag holder at the pet store, which was not functional or attractive. The roll constantly fell out, it was red with blue paw prints (not a match for my personal style), and the synthetic material was not pleasant to touch.

Then, before I developed the Oxford Dogma Bag Dispenser, we would tie a bag onto Pipsqueak’s leash. But it was awkward and unattractive, plus we actually had to remember to tie one on for each walk.

My design intentions for this little problem-solver were to:

  • carry a roll of poop bags that don’t fall out
  • clip securely to a leash or other ring
  • create a pouch that’s compact and easy to carry with you
  • avoid dog-themed prints and focus on something timeless and stylish
  • be easy to use

Initially, I wanted to create a pouch that held a phone, ID, a roll of bags, and treats. But this got too heavy and cumbersome to clip onto the leash. The design was reworked until I arrived at a solution that met my goals:

  • a zipper closure that secures the bags inside so they don’t go rolling across the ground
  • a metal swivel snap hook that feel sturdy but not bulky, and looks more sophisticated than a plastic hook
  • shaping (inspired by the Dopp kit) that essentially follows the shape of the roll of bags, with enough wiggle room for ease of use (and room for a backup roll once you’re down to the last few bags)
  • use of classic fabrics made of cotton and wool, with tasteful and timeless patterns like plaid, gingham, houndstooth, herringbone, and tweed, plus solids
  • pull tabs on either end of the zipper, making it easier to open and close, and a slot in the side to tear the bags off one at a time

gingham and plaid poo bag dispensers collection made from reclaimed materials

Head out the door with the basics covered

To feel more prepared when you head out with your pup — whether it’s a Saturday morning at the local coffee shop, daily walks in the park, or a city stroll — a Bag Dispenser keeps you covered.

Check out the poop bag holders available in a variety of colors in the Bag Dispenser collection, featuring classic fabrics with a preppy style. And if your leash doesn’t have a ring to clip it onto, you can slip a key ring onto the handle, or choose one of the leashes available from Oxford Dogma. My Etsy shop >

Is your favorite one sold out?

Just let me know! I may have more of that fabric in my workshop, or something similar, and I can make a Bag Dispenser especially for you. Simply fill out the form on my contact page and I’ll be in touch.

small batch of poo bag dispensers