Sheet pan pizza


100% whole wheat pizza dough, 82% hydration + Easy Authentic Pizza Sauce

Process notes

  • made dough Friday, used on Sunday
  • used tomato paste + water instead of tomato sauce in the sauce recipe
  • sprayed baking sheet with canola oil spray and patted dough on top
  • let rise ~65 min., then preheated oven to 450°
  • baked untopped for 5 min., then topped with sauce, sauteed baby bella mushrooms, mozzarella, and raw minced garlic
  • baked 8 min. after topping
  • sprinkled shredded Parmesan after removing from oven


The crust stuck to the pan quite a bit, so the oil wasn’t enough. Next time, I’ll use parchment paper.

I didn’t like the raw garlic at all. It was much too strong and bitter. But the mushrooms and cheese were great!

Using tomato paste + water in place of tomato sauce wasn’t a good move. The flavor and texture were surprisingly different from the way I normally make this sauce, and I learned to stick with the canned tomato sauce.

I got 24 slices out of this sheet pan pizza, making it last a good long time for the two of us.