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Peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips

I had made a batch of chocolate chip cookies for our vacation, and every day after lunch I’d bring a pair out for my husband and me to enjoy. It was a pretty delightful habit to get into.

peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips-2

To continue this little ritual, I sought out a new cookie recipe to try. Chocolate chip cookies are tops, but I also enjoy mixing things up. I found the Smitten Kitchen post about her journey to recreate her beloved peanut butter cookie from Billy’s Bakery and they sounded great because not only do they call for peanut butter, but also peanut butter chips and chocolate chips. A combo that I love.


Peanut Butter Cookies from

Process notes

  • used 156 gm freshly-milled hard white wheat flour instead of all purpose flour
  • used homemade peanut butter (made of ground peanuts and sea salt) instead of store bought
  • baked one batch immediately after mixing the dough at 350° for 11 min.
  • shaped and froze the rest of the dough, did not roll in sugar but sprinkled a little bit over the top
  • baked two more batches from the dough in the freezer


Since I used homemade peanut butter it was a little oiler (and not sweet) compared to store bought peanut butter. This made it very difficult to roll into little balls because the chips kept sliding out. I had to press some back into the top, which worked fine.

My cookies came out chewy and bendy, not cakey. They’re sweet, but not too sweet, and very tasty.

peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips

The next batches that I baked straight from the freezer were even better because I baked them for basically the same amount of time, but being frozen going into the oven made them stay soft and gooey, a little underbaked. But this really helped their texture stay nice and soft on days 2-3.

If I make these again, I’d reduce the amount of peanut butter a little and perhaps increase the flour a little.