shave kit for TechShop workshop

DIY waxed canvas shave kit workshop for makers

handcrafted DIY waxed canvas shave kit maker workshop

The fourth project in a workshop series I’m teaching at TechShop Chandler is for a waxed canvas shaving kit. It’s such a cool and functional project, and my first time working with fabric wax. This project expands on the skills learned in previous classes for the lined drawstring bag, denim tool roll, and simple zipper pouch.

DIY canvas shave kit ready for waxing

We’ll also be making our own zippers from zipper tape and pulls, which is a great skill to have. It’s possible to buy zippers and cut them down to size, but with this technique we’ll be removing the unnecessary zipper coils from the tape and installing metal zipper stops. That’s the part that really makes it have a nice professional look. Plus, I selected a long pull and heavier coils than the standard all-purpose zipper so it’s a more substantial feel and nice experience to use.

I toyed with the idea of a metal zipper, which would have looked very appropriate with the waxed canvas, but I was concerned about rusting since it’s a shave kit. So I went with plastic instead.

The 5″W x 10″L x 3″H shave kit also has a nylon lining, boxed corners, pull tab, and strap on one end that acts as a handle. It’s a versatile project and I’d love to make more some time, especially because I’ve got all the instructions written out step by step!

pull tab on DIY canvas shave kit

As with all of the sewing projects in this series, the goal is for students to build basic skills and gain confidence at the sewing machine which can be applied to their own ideas and projects.

Key elements of the waxed canvas shave kit workshop include:

  • learning how to choose a needle and thread for your fabric so when you do a project on your own you have a better idea of where to start
  • learning how to assemble the pieces of a lining so that you can apply those principles to a future project
  • pressing seams, a key step to a high quality final project
  • applying interfacing to stabilize or thicken a fabric in order to give you the final results you want
  • learning how to make a zipper from zipper tape, a zipper pull, and stops that’s the exact length and color you want with professional results
  • learning how to install a zipper, opening up more opportunities for your projects to fit a shape better or hold things without the risk of them falling out like with a button closure
  • sewing straight and even seams so that the final project looks nice and clean
  • sewing stitch lines that are meant to be visible from the exterior of the project (topstitching), which can be decorative or functional, as with holding down the fabric so it doesn’t get caught in the zipper
  • making strong and clean finish straps
  • making double fold binding, a solution for finishing edges of fabric that’s applied to the outside rather than hidden inside seams
  • applying wax to the exterior canvas so that the bag is water resistant

Class is Wednesday, August 3, at 5:30 p.m. at TechShop Chandler. Sewing machines and materials are provided. All you need to do is register and show up! You can visit the Waxed Shave Kit class registration page for more information or to sign up.