Whole wheat crackers

This week at the grocery store I picked out some cheeses different from my typical sharp cheddar — including monterey jack and swiss. This left me in the mood for cheese and crackers, but I was without crackers in the house. While I loved the Homemade Wheat Thins I made recently, I was reluctant to make them again because of the butter-to-flour ratio.

Instead, I tried a recipe I’ve had my eye on for a long time for Whole Wheat Crackers that use a higher ratio of flour to fat.

Process notes

Adapted from Whole Wheat Crackers

  • used about 540 g of freshly milled hard white wheat flour instead of a mix of whole wheat and all purpose (meant to use 438 g, but forgot to remove the extra I had milled for rolling)
  • used oil (not melted butter)
  • let dough rest 10 min. after mixing
  • baked about 10 min.


Probably because I mistakenly used too much flour (and used all whole-wheat flour), these crackers were too tough for me to eat due to my jaw problems. When I baked them until brown, they were quite hard, and if I didn’t bake them as long they were too chewy. But texture aside, I did like the flavor.

I was bummed I won’t be able to eat them, but I’ll hunt to see what can be made with stale crackers and try to find a use for them.