whole grain spinach and cheese tart

Spinach and Cheese Tart

I’m totally in love with keeping frozen spinach in the house. It’s not something I really did before, until I read so many delicious-sounding recipe that utilize it on BudgetBytes.com. It’s become one of my favorite ways to get a boost of green veggies.

This week I also had some eggs that were reaching the tail end of their freshness and milk leftover from homemade yogurt. I had also stocked up on sharp cheddar at an awesome price, much of which I shredded and put in the freezer.

This tart came together really easily — actually easier than I had expected. I think it’s because previously when I made quiche, there were sauteed or roasted vegetables, and this time it was just thawed spinach.

whole grain spinach and cheese tart


Adapted from Olive Oil Crust from chocolateandzucchini.com

Process notes

Tart crust

  • used 250 gm freshly milled soft white wheat flour
  • included 1/4 tsp dried thyme
  • par baked for 15 min in tart pan with removable bottom (coated with non-stick spray)


  • 3 eggs + milk to come to 1 1/2 c total liquid
  • 8 oz frozen chopped spinach, thawed and squeezed dry
  • 4 oz shredded sharp cheddar cheese

Whisked together eggs and milk. Stirred in spinach, cheese, salt, and pepper. Poured into par baked shell and baked at 425° for 25 min. Cooled 10 min before cutting.


This was the exact right amount of filling for this shell, which was lucky. I love the filling, both because of how easy it was to prepare and the taste. For the tart crust, I really like how easily it came together and how well it rolled out. I’ve never gotten a dough from rolled out to in the pan so smoothly before! Especially considering it was the low-protein soft wheat flour that makes things more fragile. But the olive oil taste was too strong for me — likely because of the particular oil I used.

I’d like to try this recipe again, leaving out the herbs, and using canola oil, just to see how it tastes. But texture-wise, I really like this result.