Homemade yogurt, take 5

This process worked really well, and it’s one I’ll attempt to replicate again next time.

Process notes:

  • 8 c milk
  • coat bottom of Dutch oven pot with ice cube, add milk
  • heat to 170° over medium, then turned down to low heat and continued to heat to 180°
  • held at 180° for 5 min
  • cool to 115°, a combination of letting it sit and stirring to speed things up
  • whisk 2 tbsp yogurt into 1 c 115° milk (used a new carton of Maple Hill Creamery plain yogurt)
  • add to pot, stirring gently
  • cover pot, place in oven
  • after 1 hour, turned on light and proofing function for several hours
  • pulled out at 8 hr 45 min, spooned into jars, and refrigerated


I had thought that the heat in the Dutch oven would keep the incubation temperature up without the light or proofing function on, but it started to cool a little so I turned them on for most of the time.

The flavor and texture are both great!

This time, I didn’t turn any of the yogurt into Greek style. I didn’t want to have to make anything with the whey, and having the regular yogurt will give me the flexibility to make a thinned-yogurt substitute for buttermilk. I have a feeling there will be some more Buttermilk Oatmeal Bread in my near future.