Homemade yogurt, take 4

The homemade yogurt experiments continue! I have a pretty good system down, but this time the flavor was more mild than I like. I like a more tangy yogurt — something that you taste and really know you’re eating yogurt.

Process notes:

  • 8 c milk
  • coat bottom of Dutch oven pot with ice cube, add milk, and heat to 180°
  • intended to hold at 180° for 5 min, but it actually got to 187°, which was a little warmer than my target
  • cool to 115°, a combination of letting it sit and stirring to speed things up
  • whisk 2 tbsp yogurt into 1 c 115° milk (used a new carton of Maple Hill Creamery plain yogurt)
  • add to pot, stirring gently
  • cover pot, place in oven, with light on (proofing function not used this time)
  • checked at 3 hr 45 min (it wasn’t at all thickened at this point)
  • took out of oven after 8 hours
  • scooped into (2) quart jars and refrigerated until next morning, then whisked smooth
  • strained one quart into Greek style yogurt using paper-towel-lined strainer, for 3 1/2 hours


Not tangy or thick enough for my taste, so next time I’ll:

  • watch the initial heating process more closely to keep it at 180°
  • leave oven light off (I think the heated Dutch oven will provide enough warmth for incubation)
  • leave in oven for 9 hours