pan pizza with Reinhart pizza dough formula

Pan pizza variation

Making a pan pizza recently was cool for two reasons:

  1. It tasted absolutely delicious.
  2. It gave me some kitchen time with a new pizza method took the mystery out of the whole thing.

This time I had a different kind of dough in the refrigerator — my typical pizza dough developed from trials using Peter Reinhart’s recipes. It’s a rather wet dough, so I was curious what would happen if I baked it in a cake pan rather than on the baking stone.

Process notes

  • poured about 2 tbsp canola oil into 9″ cake pan, then took prepared dough out of the refrigerator and patted it into the pan with fingertips
  • let the dough rest for about 15 min, then dappled out some more, continuing in this way until it reached the edges of the pan
  • preheated oven to 550° with rack in middle
  • once the dough was soft and slightly risen (about an hour after removing it from the refrigerator and starting to shape), covered edge to edge with pizza sauce and about 1/3 c shredded mozzarella
  • baked 10 min


After popping this pizza into the oven, I realized that it would have been better to use the cast iron skillet like I did last time. That way, I could put it on the burner to finish cooking the bottom of the dough. I didn’t think putting the cake pan on a burner would be a good move. And as a result, the underside of the pizza was underdone. So eating it right after baking it was OK, but it was on day 2 that things got great!

For leftovers, I heated the cast iron skillet on the stove top over medium heat. Once it was heated up, I placed my pizza slices in it and covered with the big lid from my stock pot. Turns out, having the underbaked crust was a lucky accident because reheating in the skillet added so much flavor. The bottoms crisped up and browned, and pretty much rocked.