The Pocket Critter Interactive Dog Toy

grouping of Pocket Critter dog toys |
Just a few of the fun and cuddly interactive dog toys from the Pocket Critter collection

The best thing about making the Pocket Critter is how delightful it is to watch dogs play with it and work to get the treats out of the pocket. It’s not just the dog that’s having fun — we humans get to have fun, too!

With this soft, interactive dog toy, I wanted to put the Ivy League Classics twist on a toy. Many dog toys are focused on being bright or eye-catching (or noisy). But this toy is more subtle and understated. It’s classic and huggable.

And it’s not industrial-strength. Being soft and cuddly, and filled with stuffing, it’s designed for gentler dogs, who nose around and play rather than approach toys as something to be destroyed and left in pieces. If your dog has a tame appetite for eating toys but would enjoy hunting for treats or kibble, this would be a fun solution for you.

Pipsqueak has a pointy nose, and I’ve watched her poke around the pocket for goodies, but I wondered if a dog with a flat nose would enjoy the toy. I was happy to learn that one customer’s Shih Tsu had lots of fun playing with it and was able to get the treats out as well. It’s great to hear about these success stories!

Stories of Pocket Critter fun

I love hearing stories of dogs enjoying the things I make. Here’s what some recent customers have said about the Pocket Critter toy:

“Fiona playing with her new @oxforddogma mouse. She’s definitely a fan of hunting for buried treats!” — from Niki, with her dog Fiona
You can view this hilarious video of a tiny Pomeranian going bananas with the toy on Instagram

“Harley loves her new toy — she snuggles with it all the time, and I’ve been having fun putting food in the pouch for her to find. I feel like it gives her a deeper activity than just chewing on something.” — from Larissa, with her dog Harley

Harley getting rid of all treat evidence in the Pocket Critter
Harley gets rid of all treat evidence in the Pocket Critter
Harley snuggling with her new toy
“Harley took some nice long naps today with her new friend.” awwwww :)

“Thank you @oxforddogma for the new toy! The pocket of treats is driving me crazy. If there’s ever a time I wish I had opposable thumbs its now…” — from Amy, with her dog Leia

Leia has fun with her new toy
Leia looks tuckered out after playing with her new toy

Where to buy this interactive toy

The Pocket Critter was first available at my 2015 Method + Madness Pop-up Shop. Of the nine I brought with me, eight of them sold. Some people wanted to buy one, but knew their dog would instantly tear it apart. One woman’s solution to this was to buy one anyway — as a tooth fairy pillow for her grandson!

If you’d like to check out this cute and cuddly dog toy, there are some available in my shop, with more on the way.

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