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The Tailored Dog Jacket from the Ivy League Classics collection

Every time I finish making a Tailored Dog Jacket, I feel a rush. Both because finishing one is a big milestone (in case you missed it, you can read more about what goes into the designing and the making of the jacket) and because I can picture how cute it would be on a little dog :)

Feeling nostalgic

Do you ever get nostalgic about the things we lose as a society as we progress? I’ve been suffering from that feeling. Over the years, as manufacturing has become fast and cheap, the things we bring into our lives have shifted toward mass-produced, generic, forgettable experiences. I’m not talking about big things, like the decline in starvation around the world and the advancement of civil rights, but the little things, cultural details that once were standard and now they’re becoming lost. It makes me long for slow experiences when I think about how fast everything moves now.

I think it’s really important to preserve some traditions, like slowing down to savor moments with family. For me, family has always included pets. And to appreciate the care and attention to detail something was made with. That is, assuming it was made with care and attention to detail. Wouldn’t something that’s special and meaningful be so much better?

enjoying the moment with Pipsqueak | oxforddogma.com

It’s the slow, intentional process — the combination of good design and good craftsmanship, which both take longer — that makes things feel special to use. I love to pay attention to the details so whoever is using the things I make have an enjoyable experience. Like they say: if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. That’s kinda one of my mantras. (Another is “make hay while the sun shines”.)

In praise of timeless style

The main reason I prefer a timeless or classic style is this idea of intention. If something takes longer to design and make, then it costs more. If it costs more, you don’t want to replace it as often. And if you’re going to use it longer, you don’t want it to be something trendy or of-the-moment because after a few months of use you’ll be sick of it.

And I know this from many years of buying cheaply-made, ubiquitous, trendy mall clothes that I never wore because when I got them home I couldn’t figure out how they fit my wardrobe, then eventually I was just so tired of seeing them that they went into the Goodwill pile.

Finally I understood that the right fit for me was classic style. And by classic I mean a style that continues to be relevant, doesn’t look out of place or out of date, and doesn’t scream for attention. (If you’ve seen Robert Redford’s wardrobe in Three Days of the Condor or photos of Jackie O you know what I mean — that’s my idea of perfect clothing.)

The ultimate timeless-style piece in my own wardrobe is my Burberry trench coat. Every time I put it on I stand up straighter, feel more confident, and am reassured by its lasting qualities. That’s how I want it to feel when you put the Tailored Jacket on your dog.

happy Pipsqueak in jacket | oxforddogma.com

If you’re someone who …

  • cares about details
  • wants to participate in the shift from anonymous, mass-produced, low-quality products and avoid the big box stores
  • wants to fill a need with something special instead of just something
  • appreciates a slower and more intentional experience
  • wants to express your own classic personal style
  • is crazy in love with your dog (of course you are!)

… my work might be a good fit for you. Check out my shop to see the one-of-a-kind Tailored Dog Jackets for sale or the other items available (currently 100% cotton leashes that feel really good to use, and leash pouches that dispense a roll of waste bags for doggie clean-up).

Custom projects

Do you have an old tweed jacket in your closet that you’d like to turn into a jacket for your dog? Get in touch with me about how we can breath new life into an old classic.