Ivy League Classics Collection | oxforddogma.com

My new shop for handcrafted classic dog accessories is open

The last few weeks have been a flurry of activity as I get my online shop, oxforddogma.com, up and running. It’s the primary spot for selling my handmade accessories for dogs and the humans who love them. My first collection is the Ivy League Classics, inspired by classic collegiate menswear of the East Coast. It’s smart, timeless, preppy, bookish, and introspective.

What’s in the Ivy League Classics collection

This collection features lots of browns and blues, some houndstooth and herringbone, a bit of gingham and plaid. And chambray. I can’t get enough chambray. The style is refined and tailored, yet comfortable.

Items available include:

  • tailored jackets made from reclaimed men’s wool sport jackets
  • cotton leashes with accessory loops
  • dog waste bag dispensers that clip onto the leashes
Small brown houndstooth plaid jacket | oxforddogma.com
Pipsqueak modeling one of the reclaimed wool jackets
Chambray leash in wash pouch | oxforddogma.com
The 100% cotton leashes (shown with washing machine pouch) feel really nice in your hands — like your favorite tee or khakis
Clip-on dog waste bag dispenser | oxforddogma.com
The leash pouch is a dog waste bag dispenser that clips onto the leash

Buy something, give something

One of the things I’m most excited about is being able to support animal shelters. With each purchase, I make a donation to a local shelter to help more pets in need feel loved. When we adopted our sweet little mutt Pipsqueak (and promptly fell completely in love with her) it was an eye-opening experience. There are SO MANY pets in need of homes. I dream of a day when I can buy a ranch in the middle of nowhere and fill it with pets who need homes.

What’s next

The months since I decided to create this business have absolutely flown by — it’s amazing how fast time goes when you have a million things you’re excited about doing. Some days I have to force myself to go to bed because I’m so happy to be making things for pets.

I’m looking forward to adding more items to this collection and getting started on my next product ideas. A trainer we worked with over the summer mentioned that dogs like to hunt and search for treats because they like to be challenged. So I’m working on a concept for a plush toy that has a pocket for hiding treats in so dogs have to work harder for their snack. Make ’em earn it! (But in a really nurturing and kind way.)

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