Sleeveless Coco top with contrast yoke

Another Sleeveless Coco with Contrast Yoke

For this Coco, I blended two sizes to improve the fit of a sleeveless version. Size 2 was too snug in the upper torso, and size 3 was too loose in the lower torso.


Coco by Tilly and the Buttons

Process notes

  • used the contrast yoke alteration, with yoke made from thrift store t-shirt
  • blended size 3 from the base of the armscye up, and size 2 from that point down
  • trimmed 1/2 in. off the width of the hem on each pattern piece, reducing the flared hem by 2 in. total
  • self-fabric armscye facing


After seeing how my last sleeveless Coco gaped at the armscye once I removed the facing to adjust the fit, I decided it would be a good idea to add that into the construction of this top. It helps polish the fit and finish enough that it’s worth the step.

Coco top with facing finish on armscye

I had to laugh once I put the finished top on — the area where I “blended” the two sizes at the underarm was quite prominent, not blended at all. The fabric pointed outward at the side seam because the the sharp curve I used. To fix it, I picked out some stitches at the top of the side seam and pinched it in, resewing that area. It improved the fit, but I lost patience and didn’t finish the topstitching of the armscye well. At some point that’ll need to be repaired, but in the mean time I get to enjoy a new sleeveless tee.

Since I’m using a thinner, stretchier jersey than the pattern recommends, there’s some neckline gaping going on. I may try a collar band next time to see if that helps.

Pattern adjustments for next time (sleeveless version):

  • add 1/4″ to middle of back armscye
  • remove 1/4″ from lower section of front armscye
  • lower armscye 1/4″ at side seam
  • reduce sharp curve at side seam from where I blended sizes 2 and 3