cage comforters

Cage Comforters

The day I visited a local animal shelter “just to check out our options” was a pivotal day for me. Once I arrived, it quickly became clear that I wasn’t going to leave there without at least one dog.

After hardening my heart against all of the big, puppy-dog eyes (I wouldn’t even let myself look at the cat kennels — the sting of losing our cats after 16 years was still too much), I zeroed in on our little Pipsqueak. She drew me in like a tractor beam and it was settled.

Pipsqueak on a stack of cage comforters
Uh oh. I hope she realizes she doesn’t get to keep these…

I left the shelter, immediately fell completely in love with Pipsqueak, and thought about how I might continue to support the local shelters. There were SO MANY animals in need of adoption, and this was just one of the many shelters in the area. I pondered for several weeks how to contribute, then by chance saw an episode of Sewing with Nancy where she interviewed someone about cage comforters. Cage comforters are basically small, thick quilts sewn by volunteers that give cats and dogs a soft, warm place to lie while they wait to be adopted.

I contacted our shelter to see if they’d be interested in getting some of these, and the communications eventually broke down, and then we were temporarily relocated to a new state and etc., etc. Well, I finally made time to sew a few comforters and got in touch with a different shelter who was happy to receive them.

Cage comforters for a local shelter
Three of these are simply solid pieces of fabric, but my favorite is the one made from pieced together scraps

These comforters are a way for me to get started with supporting shelters, and factor into my new business, Oxford Dogma. As the business becomes more established, it’s my goal to increase my contributions to shelters accordingly, providing the things that are needed most. But for now, this is a gratifying and feasible way for me to provide some TLC to animals in need.