Exposed bias facing on the Sorbetto Top by Colette Patterns

Wardrobe Architect Project

The list of garments I want to sew for myself keeps growing, making it tough to prioritize. I’m just so excited to try all kinds of new things, inspired by my Craftsy classes (especially One Pattern, Many Looks: Blouses and One Pattern, Many Looks: Pants). To help me sort through my list, I decided to follow the Wardrobe Architect series that ran on The Coletterie blog in 2014.
The Wardrobe Architect

It’s a series of 14 topics that include exercises and real-world examples, and as someone who prefers structure I’ve found it very useful. I already had clarity on my personal style from reading I Love Your Style by Amanda Brooks a few years ago, but walking through the Wardrobe Architect exercises uncovered some new things:

  • I prefer dark colors and cool-weather styles like longer sleeves and ankle-length pants. But the summers in the Southwest make these preferences challenging. One of my goals is to achieve harmony between what I like best and what the 110° summers require.
  • Comfort is my number one priority, because if it’s not comfortable I won’t wear it. Also, the intersection of polished and effortless is my ideal style.
  • My style icons (think Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O.) appeal to me because in addition to their classic, subtle style, they paid attention to their appearance without seeking attention.
  • I really like elbow-length and 3/4-length sleeves, and regular short sleeves don’t do much for me.

My favorite aspect of the series is recognizing the garment shapes I like most, and how to combine them into silhouettes. After identifying some desirable silhouettes, I selected these for my Summer 2015 mini wardrobe:

  • gathered skirt + semi-fitted scoop neck elbow sleeve top
  • shorts + semi-fitted (variety of sleeve lengths) boatneck top
  • somewhat fitted ankle length trousers + somewhat loose cap sleeve tee
  • shorts + somewhat loose tee
  • shorts + semi-fitted elbow sleeve top

I also liked the color palette exercises. Navy is my go-to color, but I want to add a bit more variety:

wardrobe color palette

My favorite fabric prints (plus a cheat: chunky knitted cables):

favorite fabric prints

Based on all of this, I created my Summer 2015 goals:

wardrobe color palette summer 2015

Garments to sew:

  1. olive ankle pants — done!
  2. chambray gathered skirt linen drawstring shorts — done!
  3. city gym shorts in chambray or another neutral woven — done!
  4. fitted tee with elbow sleeves in grey/green knit (pattern from Sewing with Knits Craftsy class) — done!
  5. cap sleeve blouse in thin blue and white stripes cap sleeve blouse in tiny plaid — done!

One of the great things about this plan is that it allows me to focus on creating the things seasonally, pushing those cool-weather items on my list down the road a bit.