Intense Dense Dark Cocoa Brownies

Intense Dense Dark Cocoa Brownies

Awhile back I checked out a book from the library called Cookies for Kids’ Cancer: Best Bake Sale Cookbook, which both told the inspiring story behind the Cookies for Kids’ Cancer organization and included a bunch of bake-sale-oriented recipes. I copied down a couple of the recipes, including the Intense Dense Dark Cocoa Brownies and Almost Black They’re So Cocoa Cookies. It should be clear that I like my chocolate treats on the bitter/dark side rather than the sweet/milky side.

Intense Dense Dark Cocoa Brownies


Intense Dense Dark Cocoa Brownies from Cookies for Kids’ Cancer: Best Bake Sale Cookbook

Process notes

  • made 1/3 of the original recipe
  • used 66 gm Penzey’s Spices Natural High Fat Cocoa unsweetened cocoa powder
  • used 80 gm freshly-milled hard white wheat flour in place of all-purpose flour
  • baked for 14 min.


As I’ve learned from past recipes, doing a 1:1 replacement of freshly-ground whole wheat flour for all-purpose flour tends to make things like cookies and cakes too oily. But increasing the flour from the 57 gm as written to 80 gm was way too much of an adjustment. The brownies taste delicious — dark and intense chocolate flavor — but they’re more dry and crumbly than desired. The batter was difficult to spread in the pan, and was more the consistency of a cookie dough than a batter.

That’s not to say these were a failure — the bars are just more like cookies than typical brownies. I may have also baked them longer than needed, since it was such a small pan. If I make them again I’d just bring the flour amount closer to the original recipe’s formula. There’s another brownie recipe I’d like to try, based on the Professional Baking book formula, and of course there’s always the best brownie recipe I’ve ever used: Best Cocoa Brownies (+ the reduced butter version) from Alice Medrich.