A somewhat softer and fluffier version of whole wheat flour tortillas

I’ve had great success with thin whole wheat flour tortillas. The recipe consistently produces a tortilla that folds pretty well and tastes good, but can be tough to chew. As a change a pace I wanted to try one that was softer and fluffier.

I chose a new recipe fairly randomly just to get started, tweaking it a bit for my whole grain flour.


Homemade Tortillas from Confections of a Foodie Bride

Process notes

  • used 13.5 oz freshly-milled hard white wheat flour
  • used Crisco vegetable shortening
  • used 1 c water instead of 3/4 c
  • kneaded for about 5 minutes before dividing and resting the dough
  • divided dough into 11 pieces


For me, the trick with flour tortillas is rolling them thin enough to not be like a pita, and thick enough so they don’t get dry and tough. I rolled these out so they basically filled the bottom of my cast iron skillet, and that was about right for the size of each dough ball.

Next time, I’d consider making more, smaller tortillas so they’re more like a soft shell taco. I think this would make eating them as fajitas work better. It’s been my experience that unless the tortilla is really large, getting it properly filled and keeping it from falling apart is tricky. I’m starting to lean toward a couple of small, taco-style shells rather than one large burrito…until I learn how those pros at Chipotle do it anyway.

These taste very good, but aren’t as soft and fluffy as I’d hoped. I’m sure that’s because I’m using whole grain flour, not fluffy white processed flour. The trade-off is definitely worth it to me in order to put something whole grain in my body. But perhaps sifting out the coarse bran next time will soften them up more.

I’m also curious what would happen if I substituted soft white wheat flour for a portion of the hard white wheat flour.