whole grain chocolate layer cake

Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Frosting

My husband’s birthday cake request was (no big surprise here) chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. I wanted to make something closer to the kind of cake from our childhoods — fluffier, more tender, and more innocent than the dense, intense, knee-weakening chocolate layer cake I made previously.

I was happy to find a recipe online where the baker had already done a whole wheat pastry flour conversion to a cake recipe.


Whole Wheat Pastry Flour Chocolate Cake from localkitchenblog.com

Favorite Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting from cupcakeproject.com

Process notes

  • to make the flour/cornstarch mixture, I milled 8 1/4 oz of soft white wheat, then put the stand mixer bowl on the scale and tared it, put the 4 tbls of cornstarch in the bowl and added enough flour to make the total 8 1/4 oz (I think that was the intention of the author but with the word “sifted” in the instructions I thought she might have intended the freshly-milled flour to be sifted to remove the coarse bran first, which I did not do)
  • used scraper blade in the stand mixer
  • used (homemade) cake strips on the pans
  • baked for 30 min, rotating the pans after checking them at the 25 min mark
  • cake layers were each 3/4″ high after baking
  • for frosting, added about 1/4 c extra cocoa to increase the chocolate flavor
whole wheat chocolate cake layers

Individual cake layers, cooling


This combination is delicious! The cake layers on their own were mild and light, and the cream cheese in the chocolate frosting had me a little worried that it was too cream-cheesey. But together they balanced each other so nicely and are a wonderful combination. The cream cheese was toned down and the cake was magically enhanced. Very happy with the final layer cake.

whole grain chocolate layer cake slice

My cake layers were quite delicate, and as I moved them around they wanted to break apart, but not because they were dry — they’re quite moist. I think it’s just the nature of the whole grain pastry flour being light and low-gluten. They required gentle handling, and while the top surfaces of each layer frosted nicely, the outer edge was much dicier. Between the thick frosting and the crumbly edges, it was really difficult to get an even layer around the sides, and the frosting didn’t want to come off the spatula and stick to the cake very well.

I was curious about the difference in height I experiences from the original poster of this recipe. It might be that I didn’t beat the mix long enough to incorporate enough air.