ruffled wristlet key fob

Sewing skills project 4: Ruffled Wristlet Key Fob


Ruffled Wristlet Key Fob from School of Sewing by Shea Henderson

Project features:

  • gathered ruffle
  • topstitching
  • sturdy interfacing
  • D-ring hardware

Process notes


  • dark navy chambray
  • Moda Weave in a light grey
  • Pellon P44F lightweight fusible interfacing

Equipment and settings:

  • used universal 90/14 needle, tension 4
  • for edge stitching used edge joining foot
  • used basting stitch #06 to make the gathering stitches on the ruffle piece
  • for ruffle topstitching used 3.5 stitch length


While I’m not a ruffly kind of gal, this was a fun little project. It was a good opportunity to practice my topstitching accuracy, and was an introduction to two new things: making ruffles and adding a D-ring.

ruffled wristlet key fob detail

The lightweight interfacing (not sure what kind it is because it was an unlabeled remnant) was very nice to use. It was surprising how much structure it provided. After fusing it to the fabric, it didn’t seem to be adding much, but it worked out well and didn’t make unsightly crackles or creases like with some heavier interfacing. It was also easy to sew through.

When I made the final stitches securing the D-ring in place, I noticed that I hadn’t positioned my ruffle quite evenly, so one side looks longer than the other. It wasn’t bothering me enough to rip out the stitches — I’ll keep it as a reminder to align with more accuracy next time. Other than that, I’m very happy with how this project turned out.