simple strings apron detail

Sewing skills project 3: Simple Strings Apron


Simple Strings Apron from School of Sewing by Shea Henderson

Project features:

  • topstitching
  • all-in-one adjustable strings
  • divided pocket

Process notes


  • Robert Kaufman Railroad Denim Fine Stripe in Indigo

Equipment and settings:

  • used 80/12 microtex needle, tension 4
  • for edge stitching on string used edge joining foot, 0/2.5 (1/8″ from edge/fold)
  • for topstitching on pocket used J foot, 5.5/2.5 for 1/4″ seam
  • for 1/2″ seam used J foot, 0/2.5
  • overcasting stitch 11 with G foot for raw seams in pocket
  • used hera marker instead of paper pressing guide when folding and pressing edges
  • used chalk wheel instead of fabric marker when marking stitch lines


This lightweight fabric and smaller shape makes this apron much easier to wear than my previous one. It doesn’t pull on my neck as much, and the size fits me better (as opposed to the larger, unisex version I sewed before).

simple strings apron

My fabric was fraying quite a bit at the raw edges, and they were left exposed on the interior seams for the pocket. So before stitching the pocket down to the apron, I finished those seams with an overcasting stitch.

Using a striped fabric required extra time to get the folds and seams to line up nicely. This fabric made very crisp folds, aided by Best Press spray. Overall it has a very crisp, clean look to it.

As suggested in the book, the edge joining foot did make the job much easier, as I was able to zip down seams (especially on the super long string) with a high level of accuracy. I did notice that aligning to the left side of the guide resulted in a narrower seam than aligning to the right, so that’s something to watch for next time.