strawberry jam rye crumble bars

Strawberry Jam Rye Crumble Bars

When I previously made Raspberry Jam Rye Crumble Bars, I loved the flavor but didn’t like the raspberry seeds. With several jars of strawberry freezer jam on hand, I figured it would be a good time to try the recipe with that instead.


Raspberry Jam Rye Crumble Bars

Process notes

  • used freshly-milled soft white wheat flour in place of plain flour
  • baked the bars in an 8-inch square pan rather than 9-inch pan
  • used dark brown sugar instead of light brown sugar for topping
  • used homemade strawberry freezer jam
  • baked 50 min.


My intention was to reduce the crumble topping measurements by half, since the ratio of topping to jam was off in my opinion. But in collecting my ingredients for today’s bars I chickened out and stuck with the original recipe measurements. And, as with last time, this was more than enough topping. Should have listened to myself!

These were a little underbaked, making them too tender to be eaten easily by hand. They taste very good, but the strawberry is much more mild in flavor than the raspberry, making the fruit filling extra-subtle-tasting.

When I first tasted them, I questioned the need for the rye flour, since it was an extra grain to mill. But it does add an deep, earthy quality to the bars that’s a nice complement to the butter and sweetness.

They should freeze pretty well (the last batch did, anyway), making them nice little snacks here and there.