whole wheat best cocoa brownies with reduced butter

Best Cocoa Brownies with butter adjustment

Visiting family is the perfect excuse to make these Best Cocoa Brownies again. There have been lots of cake and cookie projects since making them last, so I wanted to apply one trick I’ve learned to the recipe. Last time I made them they were delicious, of course, but the baking time was so much longer than the recipe called for that some adjustment was in order.

Process notes

  • reduced the butter by 20%, bringing it from 10 tbls to 8 tbls
  • used 100% freshly-milled soft white wheat flour
  • baked for about 40 minutes


The reduced butter didn’t hurt the flavor at all, and they were a touch firmer this time. I also I still had to bake them longer though — around 40 minutes instead of the suggested 25. No matter. They’re still amazing.