thread spool and bobbin rack

DIY spool and bobbin rack for thread

My thread and bobbins have been sitting on my work table for awhile now, and every time I bump them they go clanging all over the place. I don’t have a ton of thread spools, but there are enough that it’s become cumbersome to just have them sitting out.

I didn’t feel like buying a new one and wanted to go the DIY route. We had some old cabinet doors with cat scratches on the front, so I picked a medium-sized one for the thread rack. My husband helped me put it together by cutting 3/16-in. dowels into 4-in. pieces, and while I sanded down the ends of the cut dowels he drilled the grid of holes I had measured out onto the door. Then he tapped in the dowels that had been tipped in wood glue, hung the panel onto the wall, and I was good to go.

Using some wood-colored wax that had originally come with the cabinet doors, I filled the holes that had been left by the door handle.

finished thread rack
Finished thread rack, with room to grow

It felt good to repurpose something that was only slightly damaged, and now my thread is nice and organized. Plus, each dowel holds a matching bobbin, so I don’t have to hunt them down and hope the thread is the same.

The cost to make the rack was $15. This covered the dowels, wood glue, sandpaper, and drywall anchors. It only took a tiny bit of wood glue and sandpaper, so there’s plenty left for future projects. Some of the sandpaper is earmarked for distressing a pair of jeans that I’ll be tailoring soon.