knitted space invaders kindle cozy

Space Invaders Fair Isle Kindle Cozy

A friend recently asked me if I’d like to make a cover for his new Kindle. Um, yes! He liked the green houndstooth Fair Isle sleeve I’d made for my husband, and likes red and black. Other than that, he was pretty open. So I suggested a few directions, including a video game theme because he’s a big gamer, and he selected a Space Invaders theme. I would have enjoyed making any of the ideas, but I was particularly excited to do something unconventional like Space Invaders.

This project was a great learning experience. The first yarn I bought was way too thick to accommodate the stitch pattern given the dimensions of the Kindle. The thinner yarn I replaced it with worked better, but it was still a challenge. I used size 0 needles, which seems to have affected the stretch and give in the finished piece because it’s not very stretchy. I might have fared better going down even more in yarn weight and using a size 5 needle.

After settling on my yarn and needles, I tested the fitting every so often and found that despite making a gauge swatch and customizing the stitch pattern for my specs, it was too tight. This required starting over a few times to get it back on track. My experience has pretty consistently been that my gauge swatch is looser than my final knitted piece for some reason.

fair isle space invaders kindle cozy
On one side I worked in a zap and exploding invader

Once I got the sizing right, things rolled along very well and it was completed in about a (big) day’s work. After blocking it, the Space Invaders Kindle Cozy was off to its new home.