yellow layer cake with buttercream

Yellow Layer Cake with Chocolate and Vanilla Buttercream

I had a lot of leftover vanilla buttercream (the Cook’s Illustrated Classic Vanilla Buttercream) from the batch I made for my vanilla mini cupcakes the other day, and a 6-inch yellow cake in the freezer, so it was the perfect time to get that cake frosted.

I didn’t feel like going full-chocolate with it, but I wanted a bit of chocolate to balance out the sweetness of the buttercream. For the middle layer of frosting, I added about 2 tablespoons of natural cocoa powder and it was perfect. This worked very well — a good balance of chocolate and vanilla.

As I think back to this yellow cake, and how I was disappointed in the texture because of my whole wheat flour, I’m wondering if reducing the butter content would help, like it does with cookies (as I discovered during my gingerbread cookie project).