divided basket with wool and canvas

Divided fabric basket for knitting supplies

I sewed this divided basket to keep in-progress knitting projects tidy and portable. It’s a natural cotton canvas body with a herringbone wool pocket and cotton liner. I’m so happy with this neutral and classic combination of colors and textures.

divided basket with knitting supplies

divided basket for knitting supplies

I wish I had lined the pocket in front — the knitting needles poke through the wool pretty easily. And next time, I’ll adjust the pattern to make the lining a bit taller, while making the divider a bit shorter.

For the interfacing, I used the heaviest one I could find (Pelon 71F Single-Sided Fusible Ultra Firm Stabilizer) but discovered I really don’t like sewing with it. At least, not with this pattern. It’s so stiff to work with, and isn’t flexible enough for the curves in this project. Next time I’ll try the Pelon 808 interfacing + 987F fusible fleece as recommended in the pattern instructions.