hair accessories organizing basket

Divided organizing basket for hair accessories

While researching ways to store and organize my knitting supplies and in-progress projects, I came across one particular pattern many times…like, over and over. It’s a divided basket sewing pattern by Anna at Noodlehead and it appears to be taking the fabric basket world by storm. It has great proportions and a clean, crisp look to it, plus it’s so practical. I really like making things that have a useful purpose.

Before I purchased the pattern from Noodlehead, I had found a few tutorials and figured out how to make the general basket with handles and a large front pocket. At the time, I didn’t really need the divider on the inside, but discovered through trial and error that the divider really does help add structure and stability to the basket. I used leftover canvas ticking from my apron project and made a large basket, originally to hold those knitting supplies. But it’s too large to be practical (doesn’t lend itself well to hauling around the house) and the sides are too floppy. The interfacing wasn’t quite strong enough to hold up those large sides.

large canvas basket
Large canvas basket

I think I’ll move this one under my vanity to hold towels.

With the pattern for the divided basket in hand, I adjusted the dimensions to create a small basket for a shelf in my bathroom to hold miscellaneous hair stuff. I always have bobbie pins and hair ties floating around, along with various clips.

This small basket is sized at 5″ W x 4″ D x 3″ H, with a divider inside. It’s made of medium-weight woven cotton (the dark brown is a Kona Cotton, which is a beautiful color and fabric).

hair accessories organizing basket top view

With this basket I learned that the top of the divider should be no closer to the top of the basket than 3/4″. Mine was too tall and my stitches are really erratic around that area. Other than that wobbly stitching, I’m really happy with how this little guy turned out. The channels on the pocket in front are good for holding a few clips, and the divider is actually really helpful to keep the pins and ties from making one tangled mess.