Refreshed sourdough starter

First refreshing of sourdough starter

I wanted to keep baking with my new sourdough starter, so I refreshed it today to prepare it for a Miche loaf.

I kept 50 gm of starter and added 170 gm of freshly-milled hard white wheat flour and 132 grams of water. This ratio (which is the formula from Peter Reinhart’s Artisan Breads Every Day sourdough starter instructions) has been giving me a very thick starter. After some time with this ratio, I may increase the hydration. I’ve read in other places that an equal weight flour and water is recommended for refreshing a starter, and I’m wondering what that would do to my results.

After kneading in the new ingredients, I loosely covered the starter and left it on the counter for about 8 hours.

Sourdough starter immediately after refreshing

Sourdough starter immediately after refreshing

I completely forgot to do the three next steps: degas by kneading it into a ball, covering tightly and refrigerating, then venting the container after two hours. Ooops. I don’t think this hurt it though.

Besides forgetting those steps, things seemed to go just fine.

Using Reinhart’s refreshing formula, I created this table so I can tell at a glance how much flour and water I’d need for different starter amounts:

Flour (100%) Starter (33.3%) Water (75%) Total weight
75 gm 25 gm 56 gm 156 gm
171 gm 50 gm 128 gm 349 gm
225 gm 75 gm 169 gm 469 gm
300 gm 100 gm 225 gm 625 gm
375 gm 125 gm 281 gm 781 gm