Pipsqueak's flannel and fleece jacket

Flannel and fleece dog jacket

We adopted a little dog from the shelter a few months ago, and as the weather cooled she needed a little jacket to ward off the shivers. Instead of buying one from the store, I decided it would be a great opportunity for a sewing project and used this wonderful tutorial as my guide. (And I got a kick out of how similar her dog looks to ours!)

It was so much fun to make, and when I finished I seriously considered making myself a matching fleece-lined flannel — maybe one day. It’s just so soft and cuddly!

flannel and fleece dog jacket

fleece lining in flannel dog jacket

Now I have a custom pattern, just for Pipsqueak, which is really cool. If I make another, I’d adjust the curve near the tail so it fits her nicer, and the curve around the neck could be smaller as well.

Pipsqueak sniffing around in jacket

Luckily, she seems pretty OK with wearing the jacket, so that makes me happy.