Thin crust whole wheat pizza

100% Whole Grain Pizza Dough, 84% hydration


100% Whole Grain Rustic Bread and Pizza Dough (pizza dough version) from Peter Reinhart’s Artisan Breads Every Day

Process notes


Day 1: 45 min
Day 3: 1 hr 30 min
Total elapsed time: approx 52 hrs

Baker’s percentages:

  • Flour, 64°: 100% (129 gm hard white wheat)
  • Water, filtered 57°: 84% (109 gm)
  • Salt: 2%+ (1/2 tsp + 1/8 tsp)
  • Sugar: 6.25% (15 gm)
  • Olive oil: 6.25% (15 gm)
  • Instant yeast: .6% (1/3 tsp)
  • Final weight of dough: 251 gm

Day 1

12:45 p.m.: Prep ingredients. Stir 1 min. with paddle attachment. Rest 10 min. Stir 3 min. Perform 3 stretch & folds, with 5-minute intervals.

1:25 p.m.: Cover and refrigerate.

Day 3

5:15 p.m.: Place dough on counter and pat out a bit to flatten. Prepare pesto and mozzarella.

5:40 p.m.: Preheat oven to 550° convection with baking stone in place.

6:35 p.m.: Stretch out dough and top.

6:40 p.m.: Bake for 4 minutes.


Increasing the hydration a bit from the last time really helped move this dough in the right direction for me. I was able to stretch it out very thinly, with a nice puffy edge around the outside. Since it was so thin, and the preheat was close to an hour, the bottom was browned quickly.

I want to try adjusting the measurements of oil and sugar to something between this formula and the American-style Neapolitan Pizza I made a few weeks ago. That crust had more large bubbles and better browning.

Adjustments for next time:

  • reduce percentage of oil and sugar to 4%
  • increase hydration to 86%