knitted zippered pouch with argyle stitch

Argyle Fair Isle zipper pouch

This zippered pouch is for my knitting needles and little knitting tools. I used a 12-inch zipper and my stash of leftover sock yarns, making a color combination that I didn’t care for at first but has really grown on me.

The stitch pattern is an argyle pattern from Alice Starmore’s Book of Fair Isle Knitting. It’s a 12-stitch repeat, 10-row pattern.

fair isle argyle stitch pattern pouch
Fair Isle argyle stitch pattern
zipper tab
I included these little zipper tabs to make the finish cleaner

I lined it with a zippered fabric pouch liner and attached the knitted piece to the zipper, using this zipper lining tutorial. It has a heavy interfacing, making it hold a solid rectangular shape.

Also pictured in the main photo is a little zippered pouch I made following the course Bag-Making Basics (one of the free courses). I’m so in love with these days.