whole wheat chicken flavored dog biscuits

Chicken-flavored Dog Biscuits


Basic Dog Biscuits

Process notes

  • used 9 oz of freshly-milled flour: 5 oz of hard white wheat and 4 oz hard red
  • used 1/2 tsp salt
  • added about ⅓ cup extra water (this was too much)


The big test was whether Pipsqueak would want to eat these. She did! I held one out and she took it right away and scarfed it down, wanting another.

I feel good giving my dog these treats from time to time (she gets one a day or less). I made them fairly small for her to keep them from being an over-indulgence.

The way I made these biscuits, they took a long time to bake because the dough was so hydrated, so next time I’ll use less. I think these would also be good with oat flour, perhaps easier to chew.

Pipsqueak taking a biscuit

Pipsqueak-approved biscuits