Simple canvas ticking apron project

Canvas Ticking Apron

Sewing is one of those things I come back to every now and again. And after recently watching a wonderful class on called “Sew Ready: Machine Basics” it got me amped up to sew something, specifically something useful.

I’ve had to bust out the stain remover lately because of the way I like to make pizza sauce — by squeezing out the seeds and juice from canned tomatoes before breaking them into small pieces. Inevitably some of that juice ends up on my clothes, making an apron the perfect sewing project.

When searching for good pattern options, I came across the Adjustable Unisex Apron tutorial from The Purl Bee. It looked like the absolute perfect match for me: straightforward, unfussy, and classic. Often times when I sew, I try to rush through the project and just get to the end. But this time I went slow and stead, paying close attention to the craftsmanship. I found I enjoyed the whole experience a lot more.

That is, until I finished the project and tried it on. I found the neck strap unbearably uncomfortable. Which I should have seen coming — it’s probably why I’ve gone this long without an apron. They always hurt my neck.

I did some research on solutions, and discovered that a good match for me might be a smock-style apron. I’ll probably make one of those at some point to compare. But I’d come so far with this one and wasn’t ready to give up on it, so I did some prototyping for a few days and landed on a soft, wide, fabric band that buttons on one side. It’s much more comfortable, although the body of the apron is a fairly heavy fabric, so I’d definitely consider a lighter-weight option for the smock project.

I learned that the automatic button foot on my sewing machine doesn’t work correctly, or at least I couldn’t make it work. I fought with it for an entire evening and was reminded once again that when something isn’t working right, especially at the end of the day, sometimes it’s best to just walk away…I wasn’t able to fix the buttonhole foot, but in the light of a new day embraced the alternative of sewing the buttonhole manually and it was just fine. Happy to have this project completed and ready to wear!