cabled kindle cozy

Cabled Kindle cozy

After knitting a Kindle cozy for my husband I wanted one for myself. I love the way cabled knitting looks, so for mine I used some yarn from my stash and settled on the Celtic Cable stitch pattern from Super Stitches Knitting for this cozy, adapting it for circular knitting.

This is such a luxurious, cozy piece it really made me want to knit a big soft cabled sweater. And the Malabrigo is ultra decadent.

I managed to get the purl stitches right on my kitchener stitch for this piece, but the knit stitches are twisted and weird. I finally went to my local yarn shop where they helped me understand better what to look for with this stitch. Since then, I’ve been able to get it working right. I also consulted the course Ins & Outs of Grafting, which was helpful.