25 pounds of Prairie Gold Wheat

25 pounds of Prairie Gold Wheat

Typically I buy 5-pound bags of hard and soft wheat berries to grind in my grain mill, but today the store was out of them. So I took the plunge and bought a 25-pound bag of Prairie Gold Hard White Wheat. People who use the Prairie Gold seem really happy with it, plus it’s organic, and there was a small cost savings by buying the larger bag. It was oddly exciting knowing I’d have that much wheat to bake with, since I’ve been going through the small bags fairly quickly.

I’m storing the wheat in 3 1-gallon containers plus a big baggie of leftovers for easy access. I considered the large food storage bucket that most people seem to use, but these containers are more convenient to store in my kitchen.

Very curious to see how long this wheat lasts! My goal is to use this hard white wheat for all baking, even crusts and cakes where soft wheat is often recommended, to see if I can get away with just one wheat.


I used up the last of this wheat on 11/21/14. It lasted just under 4 months. And when I went back to buy another 25-pound bag, they only had 50-pound bags…and now I have 50 pounds of this wheat to enjoy. Let’s hope next time they don’t up the ante again because I don’t know where I’d put 100 pounds of this stuff!