Apricot freezer jam

Apricot freezer jam

Ever since making apricot crisp, I’ve been obsessed with apricots. There not something I had purchased in the past but they were so delicious in the crisp. They’re in season right now, and one of the local grocery stores had them at a great price.

I had instant pectin on hand from my raspberry freezer jam project, and just needed to pick up some smaller jars. We had a tough time finishing the large jars of jam last time, plus the curved sides of the jars aren’t good for the freezer anyway. So I settled on the little 4-ounce size that will just go into the freezer and can be taken out as needed. This small size also allows me to feather in another fruit flavor if I find something at a great price, plus as a two-person household there’s that 1-3 week deadline for eating the jam once it’s in the refrigerator.

This jam is going to be great on the buttery croissants that are all rolled up in the freezer and ready to be baked!

Cost for this batch

14 1/2 oz fresh apricots: $0.44
Pectin ($.17 to make quarter pint): $0.77
Sugar (2/3 cup at $.23 per cup): $0.16
Jars (5 at $.87 per jar)*: $4.37
Total: $5.74 for 18 oz

Compared to my favorite strawberry jam at the store which costs $3.99 for 8.8 oz, this apricot jam cost me $2.81 for 8.8 oz to make. Savings: $1.18 per 8.8 oz.

*Since I didn’t have the jars, there was an initial cost to purchase them.