Apricot crisp

Apricot crisp


Breakfast Apricot Crisp from Smitten Kitchen

Process notes

  • used 100% hard white wheat berries
  • used demerara sugar for the crumble mixture
  • used pecan pieces instead of sliced almonds


My crisp didn’t turn out too tart for me at all, and my first bites out of the oven were delicious. I was worried about the apricots, because they were fairly firm and difficult to tear with my fingers, but after baking they softened right up. It baked for 30 minutes, which was a little too long in my oven and the top browned more than I’d like, but otherwise I’m thrilled with this recipe.

This proved to be too much sugar for me to have for breakfast, so next time I’d try reducing the sugar content quite a bit, which would likely require a sweeter fruit. I’d also add more nuts.