Zucchini-corn fritters

Zucchini-corn fritters


Zucchini-Corn Fritters from Food Network

Process notes

  • replaced onion with sliced green onion
  • used 100% hard white wheat berries
  • used dried field corn for cornmeal
  • used fresh corn that I prepared a few weeks ago and froze
  • cut recipe in half, except used a whole egg


These were completely delicious. The fresh ground cornmeal gave them a bit of crunch, which was a nice contrast with the soft zucchini. The sweet corn had a lot more flavor that regular frozen corn. Preparing fresh corn on the cob and freezing it was tedious, but the results were worth it.

By the time I finished frying them, the fritters had absorbed all of the oil, which made me feel like these weren’t all that healthy. But at least the flour and cornmeal were whole grain versions.