German cherry cake,

6-inch German cherry cake, take 1


Kirschenmichel/ Kirschenplotzer – A Traditional German Cherry Cake

Process notes

  • reduced recipe by 1/3
  • used 100% hard white wheat berries and whole grain corn
  • used frozen pitted dark sweet cherries (unthawed)
  • baked in 6″ round cake pan


The middle wouldn’t cook all the way through, either because I used frozen cherries or because the batter was deeper in the 6″ cake pan that it would have been as originally written. So by the time the middle was cooked enough to be edible, the outer edge was overcooked and dry.

The flavor is great — not too sweet, and the cherry and almond together is delicious — so I’d definitely make this again with fresh or thawed cherries. I’d also make sure the batter isn’t too deep to help it cook through completely.

Using corn meal in cake is new to me, and I’d like to find more recipes like this.